Why travel with kids

S got through the school we liked for her! yay! It’s great to be in a city where there is actually a choice of pedagogy, board and schools and one does not to have to apply to 18 places to get into 1.

As we made the rounds and spoke to parents about schools, the alternate teaching method etc, I got thinking about what education is all about and why schools matter.. isn’t the world a school. Well it is, and travel is an awesome lesson. So this is why we travel with kids – its education.

1. Different people exist, and they have different points of view and sometimes good food and exotic surroundings can diffuse a debate into a discussion

2. Hostels teach independance – watching mom and dad do the dishes after dinner and not relying on ‘noor didi’ to come next morning can lead to interesting discussions about responsibility and cleaning up after yourself. Of course, it might be taxing to actually clean up after the toddler helping you ‘clean up’

3. We talk less about the mundane and have richer conversations about why one must have a bath at all; why do some people have chocolate colour cheeks when i don’t; why are you scared to jump into the river for a swim. Try answering them honestly. Just once.

4. Nothing will ever be perfect. No matter how much you plan. Not with a toddler and murphy ganging up on you. And then we learn to be flexible and not chase some random ideal evening sipping wine in front of the Eiffel Tower. We freeze because the jacket we thought was thick enough, wasn’t, because the airline left the pram in the rain and its unusable… and have fun anyway. Because its actually fun to run into a warm coffee shop and fun to run out every half hour when the Tower lights up to pretend you’re a twirling princess. And your definition of fun widens.

5. We actually have a budget. Discussing and agreeing on the cheapest dinner and cheapest transport option is far more real than an artificial pocket money limit which will be violated with puppy eyed begging.

6. Packing a backpack for 2 weeks is the best form of self reflection. What is really important to carry along with a toddler who will want to be carried.

Its education for us.

5 thoughts on “Why travel with kids

  1. Your blog is just so inspiring! I am 6 months pregnant now and the other day was having a conversation about whether to attend or not attend NH7 concert with 1.5 months old baby in November end. It looked a far of dream till I came across your blog.

    1. Congrats Mousume! Thanks for reading through and I hope you found something useful here. Though, if this is your first kid, do be prepared for your world to be quite upside down for the first few months and maybe buy the tickets a little later 🙂

      1. This would be my second child, the first one is almost 3 now! I know, parenting first time around seems pretty daunting, but what the heck, it depends on how you take it in your stride.

        The incessant colic cry of the baby while traveling is the only thing I dread in early infancy. Do you have any trick up your sleeve for that? Do share.

        Mousume Roy

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