Russia – The with-kids travel guide

To think that Russia is all Moscow and St Petersburg isn’t fair to the country. The trans-Siberian railway and Kamchatka ( i have no clue why) have always fascinated me.  But in four days, the two cities give you a good flavour of the glorious years the country has seen. It is also the trip i will fondly remember, as the one that gave my my first published posts outside the blog.

So here is the Russia with kids, in four days. 

And here is what surprised me about the cities.

And this is what to do if you are stranded at the airport in Moscow with the kids because airports can be the most difficult to handle with kids. You have bags to manage, tasks to do and 27 questions to answer, most of which are ‘can I have this/buy that’. But find some cool things to do, and airport runs can become very manageable. So here is the top 3 things to do at Moscow Airport (Vnukovo, Terminal A)

  1. Eat at the My My café. It’s a cute buffet place on the 2nd There is a large cow, a helicopter and a car just outside to give the kids something to do. Multiple seating options allow you to sit with your food facing outside so the kids can be watched
My My cafe
My My cafe
  1. Spot the hanging plane. There is a Transaero Boeing 747 model hanging from the ceiling at the domestic check-in area. Much like the elephant duo at our very own IGI airport, this provides a good 5-7 minute distraction.
  2. Hit the play area. There is one large one with the longest Thomas, the engine, track in 300sqft area. Other things to do include a tent, a kitchen set, assorted toys and dolls complete with a small pram. A TV is also present with nice loungy bean bags. The lady at the counter cleans up the kids’ hands with wipes as one enters and the cost is 300 roubles for half hour.

So when are you holidaying next?