Travel Fears


Excited as we are about our holidays, there are fears that strike deep every time we are getting ready for one. Here they are

  1. We wont get up in time! The flights are invariably at odd hours of the night/morning and we have at least 3 alarms set at 5 minutes apart. But with kids, its even crazier. I fear they will be cranky, will need to poop, wont want to go…..
  2. We’ll keep everyone awake on the flight! With 2 kids, that can really happen. I keep homeopathic and allopathic medicines to put them to sleep, should they be over excited.
  3. We won’t have enough food/clothes/entertainment for the kids to get through the  flight! It’s such a tough trade off between packing only whats’s necessary in the in flight bag vs making sure we are packed for every eventuality. sigh!
  4. We’ll leave the camera..somewhere! It’s now the 5th thing to be managed – 2 kids, 2 bags and the camera bag. One of these is likely to get left behind – in the flight, the restaurant, the taxi …
  5. We’ll have a poop situation in a restaurant with no changing tray! Where does one change a baby? certainly not near the table laden with food
  6. The kids will get sick! I hope not. I hope not. I hope not.
  7. I won’t have the net connection when there’s a really cool moment to share on social media! Yeah. Blush.
  8. It will be too hot or too cold to wear all the clothes I packed! For ourselves, I can do with less, but with the kids, what if it rains? what if its too sunny? what if they get their only pair of jeans dirty?
  9. FOMO! – fear of missing out on the next episodes of The Game of Thrones or whatever it is that I am watching then.

That’s what gets me sweating about travel. What are your travel fears?

2 thoughts on “Travel Fears

  1. – fear of not packing something which will be blindingly obvious once on the trip
    – fear of some random accident which can completely tear the entire trip apart
    – fear of not being able to sleep enough and being cranky (especially for the adults and not the kids)

So when are you holidaying next?