The weekend we didn’t getaway

The last few weeks have been crazy. First we were out to Westin Sohna for the weekend with the family, since all of us from 3 different countries were here; then it was Cambodia for the Holi-Good Friday weekend and the third consecutive weekend out at Calcutta to watch the T20 Finals and visit family.
Westin was good! It’s a great place to spend a day or 2 with family, especially if you have young kids. They have added a number of attractions over the years and it’s almost a petting farm now. There are guinea pigs, rabbits, a tortoise, ducks, pheasants, turkeys, roosters, goats, horses and the delightfully large emus. The place is dotted with wooden swings and hammocks. There is an open play area and a kids room which has activities by the hour. For older kids, there are 2 pools and the option of hiring bikes to go around the property. It’s a good option to hop across for just the day as well. Plan to reach by 10 am, pay only for lunch and drive out sometime before sunset.
Cambodia was even better! 3 days whizzed past in a blur of tuk-tuk rides, barefoot temple exploration, the pool and breakfasts of mangoes. The temples are breath-taking and my words don’t do them justice, so here are some pictures.
Calcutta, ah Calcutta! I don’t know how I feel about that city. It’s so different and beautiful and green and old world and yet leaves me feeling melancholy. There is enough written about the match, so no more. Being home is always delightful – catching up with sundry siblings and cousins – mom’s cooking and pampering (which I have started appreciating far more since the arrival of the kids). S thoroughly enjoyed living in a ‘normal house’ with a garden, a terrace, an attic, a dog and no guards. We tried out a new place – Jhaal Farezi, probably the first place in Calcutta that has outdoor seating too. The food was good as was the décor.
So, we aren’t known to stay home for a long weekend, but this time with the Ram Navmi holiday, I’m right here. Three whole days with kids at home frighten me. So I’m glad there is the Krackerjack Kids Carnival on the same weekend. While I haven’t been to one myself so far, it looks like a fun place to spend a day with the kids. There are activities across age groups and the live performances by Chhota Bheem et al. S, the almost 5 year old, as she calls herself, is sure to enjoy the magic shows, art corners and all. Might as well get there on Friday, since it seems the weekend seems to have been quite crowded the last time round. 

So when are you holidaying next?