12 Hours In A Houseboat, With Kids

So our much awaited whole family trip to Italy got converted into half the family meeting in Kerala. Its a long story which deserves another post, but let me just say, if you have issues dealing with ambiguity, spend a month in Italy and be cured.

Kerala, although it was a really short trip, delivered beautifully on the ‘God’s Own Country’ experience. The backwaters are truly amazing and unlike any other water holiday experience (barring the Amazon, of course. South America has tuned down the rest of the world for me.). The highlight for us was the 1 night stay in the houseboat in Kumarkom, and here’s how it was with 2 feisty and active kids confined to a boat.

We were amazed at how close the water was, and i was worried about how big the windows were! img_8788

Admiring self(ie)


And then we wanted to throwing everything that we could find including didi’s toy phone, into the water. Till didi dear had a brilliant idea and gave him bits of paper to throw instead.


And when she sees paper, cards have to be made.

And then we took a break and admired the scenery outside.

When resting was done in about 5 minutes, we ran up and down the lone corridor.



Everyone was made to exercise.



And then we made salad


and served everyone aboard


and steered the boat


and made our own steering wheel


and monkeyed around


and finally, crashed. Phew!



So when are you holidaying next?