Throwback Monday: Safari

Somebody once told me that “If there is something so creative for you that you lose your sense of time pursuing it, then it is indeed your passion”
I believe photography ( along with cricket and running ) is that passion for me .

Hence, I try to take couple of trips a year ( or as many my employer and my bank balance allow) to pursue my passion .

Here’s one of my recent pictures from one such trips – a safari into the heart of Kruger National Park, South Africa.

This is a guest post by Shubhashish Beura. You can see more of his work at  Https://

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Though I wouldn’t recommend a jungle safari with kids under five and we have not gone for one yet, here is a resource of the child friendly stays with the option of a jungle safari.

What is Throwback-Monday?

What better way to beat the Monday-morning-blues than to think about vacation. Believe me some weeks it’s just the memories of old vacations and plans of the next one that keep me going.

So here’s a way to beat ’em blues with posting a vacation photo every Monday, right here.

  • Post a photo of your vacation, with or without kids. Of course it should be suitable for public viewing.
  • The focus of the blog should be the photo. You could write a bit about it, or not.
  • It need not be a professional photo, but who needs to be a professional. With a great phone camera and some imagination, the stage is yours.
  • Link back here so that your readers can see all the other great Photo Monday posts.

So when are you holidaying next?