3 Weeks In The USA

Our big trip this year was planned for the US. Unusually enough, it did not involve any sporting event. I was really keen on getting to the Yellowstone National Park before it blows up and staying inside the park needs one to make booking about a year in advance, before any sports event dates were declared!

This trip, all of three weeks had us trooping across the US starting with Florida for 4 days, followed by a cruise to the Bahamas for 4 days, a day at NASA, onto Yellowstone National Park for another 4 days then a day in Vegas, a day driving to the Grand Canyon, a day driving back to Vegas and finally 2 days in Orlando exploring the parks.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 9.08.28 PM

Much debate happened around whether we should do Disneyland right at the beginning of the trip or at the end – start with a bang for the kids or end with one? Finally, given young Kabir still naps in the afternoon and takes forever to get over jet-lag, we decided to push Disney to the end so we wouldn’t all be cranky.

The days in Florida were spent with friends in Davie at sun-kissed beaches between Davie, Ft Lauderdale and Miami, with a fantastic Peruvian lunch thrown in <Close to 15th and Collins, is Chalan by the sea. Do try the Saltado house meat dish and the fish in garlic sauce>.

Enjoying the clear blue skies and gentle waves on the beaches of Florida
The Miami Post Office,  apparently barely used
The Miami Post Office, apparently barely used
Cute outdoor cafes with a strong Latin American flavor
Cute outdoor cafes with a strong Latin American flavor


The ariel view of the state pretty much shows water bodies everywhere but I was surprised to hear that there is a piece of news every other week about a croc being sighted in someone’s house or a lake nearby! The friends we stayed with, got to see lizards of every size pretty much every week in their back-yard. So my greatest disappointment was not getting to see a croc lazing about on the road.

So while the first week was very relaxed with lazing at the beaches and cruising, the last few days were very hectic what with driving all day for 2 days, snatched tourist moments at Vegas and just about a sunrise and sunset caught at the Grand Canyon, followed by really long days at Disneyland and Universal Studios. In hindsight, we should have cut out the Vegas and Grand Canyon leg, and spent 2 additional days at the parks; or, swapped the dates for the cruise and the parks.

We drove around pretty much on every leg, except of course the cruise. The US is a great place to drive and park. Every car is given about 3 cars worth of parking space! My Indian parking sense really wanted to yell at people to move over and make space for each other rather than keep driving around in circles waiting for someone to vacate a spot so you can actually get off at a viewing point.

Flights are best for long distance travel. We flew from Orlando to Yellowstone West, then to Las Vegas and then Back to Orlando. Flying Delta was a good experience the service great but no inflight entertainment, unless one downloaded their app in advance. United was not entirely pleasant. I wasn’t too positive about them given the recent news and my personal experience did nothing to dispel the notion. They had no blankets, little and disappointing food and generally irritated staff.

I didn’t quite know what to expect a US trip to be like, in the Trump era, but there is nothing worth mentioning. The VISA and immigration formalities were no different than when I visited 10 years ago. I may have felt more visible signs of intolerance, but it could well have been confirmation bias.

Well, more on each leg in the following blogs.


So when are you holidaying next?