Cruisin’ With Kids and Toddlers – Carnival Liberty

Our next big leg after Florida was a short 4 day cruise to the Bahamas on Carnival Liberty. This too, was with our friends from the US (with kids aged 5 and 1.5). I wasn’t quite sure about how the experience would be, since holiday for me means being outdoors for most waking hours and cruise means being pretty much in the hotel, gigantic as it may be, all the time. It turned out be be a mixed bag.

The fun parts:

We boarded from Port Canaveral, Orlando at noon, choosing to do an early check in so we could enjoy a good lunch and pool before the rooms got allocated. Having done our research, we’d packed a day bag with swimwear and sunscreen and most essentials that the kids would need, as it takes about half the day to get the bags after the check in. So lunch was followed by hitting the  fairly empty pools directly.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 9.17.30 PM

There was a good kids club called Camp Ocean, where one could leave kids above 2 years for almost the whole day. With enough activities to do, the kids stay occupied; the camp team takes care of meals for the older ones and gives the parents a phone on which they can call in case the child needs the parents. We were happy to leave Sara and Kabir for a couple of hours. But mostly they spent time with the kids of the friends we were traveling with.

There were a number of really fun activities for the kids – the pools, the water slide, Father’s Day card making, Camp Ocean activities, Harry Potter quiz, build a bear (entirely missable and expensive), and some others. The highlights were Dr Seuss story reading session which was done very well and the Dr Seuss breakfast (@USD 5 per person). In both cases the kids got to meet the characters, be part of the story, dine on green eggs and ham while being served by Thing 1-82! To be honest, I enjoyed this part as much as the kids did.

The stage is set for The Cat In The Hat
The stage is set for The Cat In The Hat
Real Green Eggs & Ham!

The evenings were spent on the deck watching a kiddy blockbuster with popcorn and hot dogs. The kids quite enjoyed the movie, and i enjoyed watching the sunset from various parts of the deck which chasing Kabir around the ship.

Gorgeous sunsets that lasted almost an hour
Gorgeous sunsets that lasted almost an hour

Our cabin was quite spacious, complete with a small wardrobe, fridge, TV, and bunk beds for the kids. We pushed one of the suitcases under the bed which gave us plenty space to move around. The window-sil was made into private spaces by the girls and the little boys spent their in-room time climbing up and down the bunk bed.

This is our space
This is the girls’ space


And this, the boys'
And this, the boys’

Food and drink was always available in plenty. We dined mostly in the informal dining area at meal times and picked up snacks as and when needed. There was ice-cream, tea and coffee available round the clock free of cost which made all of us quite happy. Dinner tables were reserved for each room in the formal dining hall which had good food including an Indian dish on the menu and the deserts were to die for. One could order breakfast in the room all day, which gave us a plentiful supply of fruits and snacks for the kids.

The Disappointments:

So I did get the feeling of being indoors for way too much time on the first 2 days that we were at sea, and even on the days that we docked at Nassau and FreeportI felt we had too little time to really explore the islands. We’d manage to get off the ship by 1030 and had to be back by 4.

There was absolutely no cell-phone connectivity and the internet packages were very expensive @40USD for the 4 days for non streaming connections and @16 USD for whatsapp only.

The water-play was very limited. There were 2 stamp sized pools and 4 coin sized whirlpools. There was no water play area, only a water slide where they did not allow kids to go in the lap. So while Sara thoroughly enjoyed it, Kabir couldn’t really go. Also, they had this weird policy of not allowing babies in diapers into the pool! It seemed that drunk adults in the pool were more likely to cause disasters than little kids.  While we had started toilet training Kabir before leaving, it’s hard to keep up on vacation and we did put him in with a swimming diaper on, making sure it wasn’t visible.

In the formal dining area, there are only 2 dinner slots – 630pm and 830pm, so one couldn’t dine there in between, which made it difficult.

Despite calling themselves family friendly, there is no supply of any baby products on board. So if you run out of diapers, formula or wipes – you’re on your own. Even warm milk was a challenge. Most of the milk available was cold, and one could order hot milk as part of dinner or room service, which made other milk times quite difficult.

If, the kids were older, i think we would have enjoyed a lot more. All the pools were visible for the main deck, so putting the kids in the pool and lounging on the deck with drinks or dropping kids at the Camp ocean for an evening out is very much possible with kids above 5.

Would I do a cruise again? I did enjoy seeing the stars on open waters, and with more docking days, it would have been nicer. Maybe Alaska.



So when are you holidaying next?