One day, in 1998, I stood in front of the world map in our college campus and announced to my friends that I’d go everywhere someday! And then promptly forgot about it. Till Mohit came along, with his love for travel. One year into dating, he dragged me for the exchange program to Europe, with a backpack and 3 am starts to the day. We fell in love, with each other, the backpacks and the frugal travel.

Then came Sara in September 11, and then came the epic trip to Cuba, Mexico and US West Coast in December 11. Was it madness or genius to plan such a trip with a 3 month old baby, I do not know, but we certainly didn’t regret it.

50+ countries so far, 20+ with one or both of the kids, I can safely call myself something of an authority on travelling with toddlers. So come here to find inspiration, travel hacks or a review of a destination; we promise to bring you a view into a new country every quarter because we haven’t been everywhere, yet.

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  1. I am impressed with your zeal to travel. I too a travel lover, I have been to US twice and plan to travel Europe particularly eastern Europe and Russia. Your recent blog on travel to Russia would be a great help to the would be travelers like me.
    Ulhas Nigudkar

  2. hey backpacking Momma..

    i just chanced upon ur website.. and you’ve got me hooked 🙂

    i m mother to a 3 yr old son…v travelled quite a bit wen he was an infant… but most recent trips were dubai when he was 2.5yr old & just recently to pondicherry.. i do enjoy going to places & seeing things with his perspective.. but i must admit, it gets really exhaustive for me by the end.. but its bcoz i try to squeeze tooo much in a day..

    heeding to your advices & tips.. hopefully the holidays ahead will be more comfortable.. and yes, i won’t forget the stole anymore..


  3. Hi Pooja..

    My husband and I love travelling as well.. We thought we’d need to slow it down since we had our darling daughter. She’s about 21 months old now. But we’ve been pleasantly surprised knowing she likes it too.. we did a trip to Vietnam with her recently and loved it despite some exhausting moments.. Hats off to you though for doing short durations and with a backpack!! Maybe I’ll get there some day.. I currently give it two days to just recover from jetlag and travel rather heavy!!! I’ve been pretty keen on Russia and your blog gives me renewed hope.. I did have a few questions though.. Is food a problem with kids? If I didn’t make it during the white nights and spent a week across the two cities would it be too long? Did you go to the zoo in Moscow? I’ve read mixed reviews.. If you have the time can you mail me? And then you’ll be not just the backpacking mama but the super mama.. Thanks for the lovely article.. Cheers, chhaya

    1. Hi Chhaya, thanks for stopping by! Its great to hear you are on the move with the little one. Do continue with a pace that works for your family, the vacation has to be fun for everyone 🙂
      As far as Russia goes, 5 days over Moscow and St Petersburg isnt too long, we spent about 4.5 days and felt it was short and rushed as the first day is a wash out with kids and jet lag.
      Food is not much of a problem, you get soup and momos in most places; they also have a stuffed bread/naan equivalent which worked very well for us.
      We had the Moscow zoo on our list, but did not end up going. Instead we spent more time in a open gardens.
      Ping me at pzg74267@gmail.com if you need more and we can exchange number.
      Have a great trip!

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    1. Hi Shavet, I’m glad to hear i have provided you with interesting reads.
      I’d love to share my thoughts on #womaninme, but do i have to do this as a new blog set up on your site, or do i need to share a link with you.

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    1. Thanks so much, anuj, for recognizing my work. I’m glad that you found the content interesting and relevant to be part of the top 100.

  6. Hi, read your article in eye. I loved it. I was stubborn with my husband that if I am spending time and energy for traveling than it has to be in and around Himalaya. But after reading your article somehow got convinced to go out of India. We are planning for South Africa in April 2018 with two children. Elder one 6 and younger one 2 by 2018. Wanted to go through your blog any if available on South Africa. Or u can suggest a nice read if u know. Thank u.

    1. Hey! Great to hear from you Priyanka. I’m glad you’re planning a trip 🙂
      South Africa is one of my favorite places to go, esp with kids. It’s really beautiful and has animal experiences that beat all. Our daughter got to swim with penguins when she was 2!
      I haven’t written anything on the place yet but would be happy to answer any questions.

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