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In no particular order…

philosopher, tourist, crazy mom, adored wife, live on sunshine, marketeer, love spicy food, will choose a book over a clean house, love animals…ever evolving..

Mohit, the husband, is crazy about travel and introduced me to…well pretty much half the world. We’ve traveled to close to 50 countries in the last 12 years and plan to do 100 before we turn 50.

Sara, the daughter, is 3 years of awesome-ness in our lives. The travel happy child has been to 14 countries so far and is developing into a backpacker of her own with a taste for watching sport and jumping into open waters.

Kabir, the latest addition to the family, shows promise of being every bit as curious and open to new experiences as can be expected from a 10 week old. As of the new year, he’s one country down.

Together, we go off exploring the planet and bring you the good, the bad and the ugly of travelling with kids.

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2 thoughts on “The Mama

  1. Hi I wanted to take a trip this year and is horribly confused about the location since my toddler is two tear old

    Which places do u recommend to travel with a toddler

    1. HI Nisha, thanks for dropping by. Off the top of my head, I would recommend HongKong for a 4-7 days, they have kid friendly hotels and Universal Studios for the toddler and Macau and shopping for yourselves; for a longer trip and a larger budget – Europe and Russia are good options – there is lots of space to run around for toddlers and the European countries in general are toddler friendly. I’d be glad to help you further, but i would need to know a little more about what kind of holidays you like, whats the time and duration of the trip and you approx budget. We can chat at

So when are you holidaying next?