Throwback Monday – Open Play Area

Every trip we plan, has a day or two on which we spend time outdoors in an open play area in the city. With the last few days of smog, I cant help but think of the unfettered fun times we have had in the free open play areas around the globe. The one above is from Amsterdam on our way back from Italy in June 2016. Everything was shut because it was a Sunday, and there was some football match. But the open play area, well, it was open.

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Some of the most fun open play spaces we have visited have been:

Melbourne, Australia: Ian Potter’s Children’s Garden.

Singapore: Jacob Ballas Garden in the botanical garden and by far the most fun, since it was a water play area – Children’s Garden at Gardens by The Bay

What is Throwback-Monday?

What better way to beat the Monday-morning-blues than to think about vacation. Believe me some weeks it’s just the memories of old vacations and plans of the next one that keep me going.

So here’s a way to beat ’em blues with posting a vacation photo every Monday, right here.

  • Post a photo of your vacation, with or without kids. Of course it should be suitable for public viewing.
  • The focus of the blog should be the photo. You could write a bit about it, or not.
  • It need not be a professional photo, but who needs to be a professional. With a great phone camera and some imagination, the stage is yours.
  • Link back here so that your readers can see all the other great Throwback Monday posts.

The 2017 Travel Planner

The question I get asked most is how do you manage to travel with young kids? The question I get asked second most is how do you manage to take so many holidays while working?

While the entire blog is an attempt to answer the first question, the second question is answered in one simple phrase – planning in advance. R&R is important and we do one every quarter, if not more often. Plus there is live events, if there is a match – cricket, football or tennis worth watching, we go and watch it.

Now all of this requires much planning in advance. For one, you cannot go for a live event of note unless you plan at least 6 months ahead as most tickets release and are bought that much in advance. For seconds, if you tell you manager/colleagues/team well in advance that you will be out for certain dates in the next 3-4 months a) there is no imaginary work crisis that can be cited as a reason to refuse leave; b) everyone can plan project deliverables with these and other considerations in mind – you do what needs to be done before you go, assign tasks in your absence etc and do not open laptop regularly during the break; c) people get used to your work pattern and if they value your contribution more than face-time, then it shouldn’t be a problem at all (if it is, do you really want this job anyway?). It can be done, we’ve managed with 2 working people across jobs in FMCG, consulting and late and early stage start-ups over the last 10 years.

So here is your guide to planning holidays in 2017.

  1. Get hold of the holiday calendar
  2. Get hold of the sports calendar: Cricket, Soccer, Tennis
  3. Get dates of the music gigs
  4. Get a sense of good destinations for short and long trips

A month-wise guide


Here is the Oman guide.


For a flavour of Cambodia, head here.


Everybody does Europe, in 2017 do the Off- beat Europe.

Brazil sounds too far to be worth it with kids? Here is what a holiday there looks like.

If you do plan to watch live sport with kids, here are some tips.



If you plan to head to Kerala, do try a day in the houseboat. This is how it looks.


I’m a big fan of South Africa, go there go there 🙂

So go ahead and wanderlust already, and if you need more persuasion to take more travel breaks this coming year, leave me comment and I’ll convince you!

Happy Travels!